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For fashion photographers and retail brands, fashion photo retouching and editing is a necessity. Editorial photos are the first things you will see in cosmetics websites, clothing catalogues and glamour magazines. Beauty photography demands the highest quality and with strong image enhancement skills, you can immediately seize the attention of your readers.
Photos make the first impression in the beauty industry. Go beyond impressions and leave a mark with high quality fashion photo editing services.

At Expressphotolab, we have photo editing specialists who have the talent and experience in enhancing all kinds of fashion photographs, from model portfolios to beauty adverts. Our team makes sure each photo is valuable and dealt with care. Feel free to let us know your needs and requirements – no project is too big for us.

Model Photo Retouching

Powerful DSLR cameras capture the tiniest details — sometimes including the ones your client would rather not see in the photos. You can trust in our ethical approach to model photo retouching.

Glamour Photo Retouching

Photos tell a story, and for glamour photos, the narrative rests on the details included in the frame. Tell us about your creative vision, and our retouching artists will take care of the rest.

Fashion Photo Manipulation

We can change the color of a frock, trim a hem, remove distracting props or add embellishments to a model’s clothes. Whatever your client wants in the photo, we’ll make it happen.

Advertising Photo Retouching

We cater to a variety of ads from print, magazines, features, posters, and more. We can help you produce high-quality images for you project that would appeal to your target audience.

Magazine Photo Retouching

What makes a magazine sell? It’s not just the face that graces its cover but also the quality of the image. We can help you produce magazine covers that speak to your target readers.

High-End Portrait Retouching

We do portrait retouching staples like stray hair removal, red-eye correction and skin tone enhancement. We keep things realistic for portraits, but we’re not averse to adding a bokeh effect or sepia overlay for a dramatic touch.


Professional DSLR cameras take clear pictures, and acne scars and unsightly bumps will likely be visible on a photo. We can remove these blemishes while keeping the natural skin texture.


Whether you shot fashion photos against a green screen or on location, we can edit the background or replace it entirely. We can give you seamless, natural-looking background edits.


It takes skill to smoothen facial lines without making the subject look like a cartoon. We improve skin texture to draw the audience’s attention to the models’ best facial features.


It’s possible to improve a model’s body shape without pushing things too far. We are careful with our edits and enhance features without removing the imperfections that give life to a photo.


When there’s too little or too much hair, our artists can make the necessary touch-ups to make it look right. Count on us to cover a thinning patch and remove flyaway strands.


Enhancing colors and making them look more vibrant can make fashion photos look more attractive. We can also adjust color temperatures to match your preferences.


A model’s makeup can get smudged and form creases over the course of a shoot. Our job is to correct those makeup flaws that retouching could not remedy.


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