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All visible things have a shadow under the light. Images are captured to look attractive and create memories but without a shadow, they will look odd, unusual and unattractive in their naked, raw and wild format. Shadow is a paramount part of images without which the model will not only be scarce but will also look like floating on the air. Photoshop is used to make a shadow for an image but it should look natural to reflect the beauty intended.

Natural Shadow Creation

In this shadow creation procedure, we put artificial shadow to an image to make it more natural. In general, when a photo is captured, there should be a shadow under the subject. But for different lighting condition and angel, sometimes there stays no shadow under the product or subject. This is unrealistic. So, to make any product image natural and appealing to the customer, we put a natural shadow under this Service.

Drop Shadow Creation

Drop shadow is very important to the people who have an e-commerce or any online shopping business. This technique makes any digital product image authentic and looks fresh. Drop shadow is always put under the product or the object form any e-commerce image. It is created by Photoshop filter. We can make you any product image looking realistic, eye-catching with implementing the right shadow angels and accurate shadow opacity with our expert hands.

Creating Image Reflection / Mirror Effect

Reflection of any subject is also a type of shadow which displays mirror reflection of that subject itself. This Image reflection service is also known as Mirror Effect Service. It gives look to an image that it stands or stays on a mirror or glass surface which reflects all the parts of that image or the subject. Creating a mirror effect is perfect for products like Glass bottles, plastic bottle, electronic equipment (ovens, TVs, mobiles, etc.)

Retain Original Shadow

Sometimes the shadow of the product is not as good as it should be. It happens if the background of the image subject was dim, or the surrounding lighting was not so good. In this situation with these issues, your photo does not look realistic. With this Retain Original outlook, we use our best resources to recall the original shadow of that product picture.

We are just not the professional, we always observe thoroughly every image before starting to add shadow effect on it. As creating a good shadow depends on the source of bending light, harmony between image and reflection and the size & shape of image subject, we do invest our time and concern to make the best outcome for our clients.


How to distinguish your product presentation from those of others? Or better yet, how to make your products more appealing so they can stand out in the crowd?
Like everything in life, being natural is an asset for your presence. We accomplish this by adding natural looking shadow to your product images? Subtle, yet noticeable improvements for your images so you can sell more.


  • Drop Shadow Creation: Drop shadow creation is the most commonly used Photoshop services especially in e-commerce websites to give a realistic look to the products. It is created to be under or below the product and our professionally trained experts can create the perfect drop shadow for all your images to give them a professional and authentic look.
  • Reflection Shadow: Also known as mirror effect, reflection shadow is the most attractive shadow creation service, and for good reasons. This service is all about reflection of a picture within the mirror. Our clipping path service provider understands that perfect shadow depends on the opacity and shape and because opacity makes your image look dull, they will transfer that bad-looking image to something realistic and gorgeous.
  • Natural Shadow Creation: Many are the times when image shadow becomes dull as a result of the background, photo shoot or lighting problem but with natural shadow making service, we can help to keep the natural shadow intact.


Shadow creation is not that easy and you, therefore, need an expert. Since a product image is the face of your company, you should ensure that the image is of high quality. We at Expressphotolab will ensure that we create a good image that will attract customers to your company.


The all e-commerce businesses, online retailers and photographers mainly require Shadow Creation as one. Experienced Photoshop experts and highly experienced are found at Expressphotolab who can make on hand the shadow products which is 100% accurate and unique. Every client’s satisfaction with this service is realized.

In general, Photographers need waives of the product images and the e-commerce photo editing services requires to take product symbols through their websites toward sales. Shadow Creation is the main aim in product maximization: few examples of household items, furniture, bags, jewelry, shoes, etc. Consumer satisfaction cannot be realized until shadow creation or Drop Shadow is added for their product.


Creating a drop shadow involves the insertion of an identical brushed image beneath the original object. Making a drop shadow more professional is not a simple task. You have to soften the image before inserting it under the focused image. This gives the image a more professional look.

Coming up with new shadows or keeping the original image is rather difficult. The complexity comes when you try to create new shadows with numerous categories for different purposes. You can add photoshop reflection effect by Clipping the focus image and inserting it in the lower edge of the original image.

There are numerous things that you must consider when making your drop shadow look professional. You should consider the object size, suitable color, contrast of the focus image and the background, creation of several shadows, light direction among others. We at Expressphotolab are committed to simplifying these complexities and creating the most creative and artistic drop shadow and photo cropping service.


We use the latest graphic design technology in our shadow creation processes. Our professionals are highly talented and hardworking. We also guarantee the security of the images that you send to our servers. We will analyze the images and then send you a reasonable price quotation. We ensure that we provide you with a high-quality and cheap photo editing service. We also ensure that we deliver your projects within the agreed time frame.

We are committed to ensuring that we deliver the work at the earliest time possible. Depending on the volume of your work, it might take a few hours or a day to finish your work. Contact us if you are looking for an eCommerce image editing service.


As an organization that prioritizes on photo cutout service and the needs of its clients, we at Expressphotolab provide high-quality shadow creation service with natural and real shadow within our budget. With our many years of expertise in this field, we can provide you with one-stop service that suits your goals.

We are popular because of the following:

  • Provide 24-hour customer service
  • Offer quality professional photo editing services
  • Give unlimited revision
  • Contain photo-editing specialist team
  • Budget-friendly service

Always find a time and contact us for any query regarding shadow creation service. We are there to serve you.


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