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Bulk Photoshop Color Correction Service Provider.We Can Productions 1200+ Image Every Single day.

Color Correction or Grading is the technique of changing the colors present in an image. This could be a stark change (blue to red) or a subtle change (white balance).The difference between the word correction and grading is a gray area (pun intended). If the colors are already perfect, there is no need to change them. If you do change the colors, you could call it your artistic expression or correction. The audience will only see the final version, no matter the herculean effort that went into changing red into blue.

Photo color correction service means the colorizing the product with striking color with the best level saturation. This service signifies a vivid color environment to the displayed products in an e-commerce site. In addition, advanced photo colorization makes correction image color thus products get the most attracting looks. Various designs of products is possible only by photo re-coloring and this output bears incredible effect in product sale.

Whatever damaged condition to your photographs, photo re-coloring can enhance the images in such a way that it attracts the customer. This changing of color tone also includes a color combination in a preferred, perfect adjustment. Correction, adjustment, design of product photographs is also the beneficiary of photo re-coloring.

Very often a marketer wants to see how the products look like in different color. Sometimes they call us for to alter the color to get a better and vibrant look. So we can see color correction services are important and we proudly say that we have very efficient and creative designers to do that task for you.Who can tell better than an artist what color suits the best. We have in-house art-directors to choose the fit for your image.

Color correction for e-commerce Product images

e-commerce product images play a vital role in terms of attracting clients and trading. Most e-Commerce companies hire professional photographers for taking a good picture of their product. But, taking a convenient as well as accurate image is not easy. Thus, to make it perfect image editing like clipping path, retouching and color correction are useful. Our Image color correction or fixing service for eCommerce product images ensures the natural color balance by fixing low light, balancing color, color retouch up.

Portrait Photo Color Correction

Thinking of achieving a dramatic or cinematic look of a model photograph, for a magazine or online portal, this photo editing service provider has an appropriate service for you. The actual focus of our photo retoucher team is to beautify face or body ion by removing, visible scars, stray hairs, yellow teeth, increase face shininess, light enhancement, dark zones adjusting, etc. By applying accurate methods and adjust the precise color. In fact, we are capable to provide a perfect color balanced portrait photo when the background of the model is changed, the color of the dress needs to be matched, skin tone is not uniform, etc.

White balance and Exposure Fixing

When photographers take pictures on different occasions within a short period of time. But taking it as accurately as they want is not always easy.Furthermore, in outdoor photography kipping an acceptable white balance an can provide correctly exposed (not too dark or bright) photos. Moreover, we ensure the best solution to this problem by rectifying white balance and exposure of the photo through highly skilled photo editing experts.

Digital Photo Color Fixing and Enhancement

We have recruited the most experienced and expert designers for the purpose of color fixing and enhancing all types of Image. Even an ordinary photo turns into an outstanding look by changing color balance, saturation, contrast, brightness, etc.So if you want to save your money and energy including perfect color fixing and enhancement of your picture then this service provider will provide you the easiest and effective way.


It is a way of changing the color of an image. Most of the times the certain color of items in an image such as clothes or accessories needs to be alternated to different colors, modify the color correction or recolored to modernize balance of an image.
Quite a few tools in Photoshop are used for Color Correction Service. Such as:

  • Selective Color
  • Hue/Saturation
  • Curves
  • Levels etc.


For making the image look gorgeous clients are always found of this service. And we are active all 24 hours for your work to make successful. If the client wants us to apply or to change the color of the image given, we do the work efficiently with our professional editors. Color Correction service allows the image to fix all visible photo defects.

Color Correction Services are applied in:

  • Saturation Work
  • Shadows and tints adjustment
  • Clarity and sharpness balancing
  • Exposure and Contrast correction
  • Making temperature and vibrancy setting higher
  • Highlights


Photographers face many problems with body retouching. We receive two types of orders – 75% ask to enhance to garments color correction, 25% ask to adjust brightness. Our retouches provide natural and high quality photo color correction services of all problematic zones of your model’s body. If you need to make body slimmer, Express Photo Lab will reshape the body curves, apply body countering techniques, apply plastic surgery effect, make thin waist, skinny face, remove cellulite and double chin, elongate the legs, reducing blemishes and shadows, and use Dodge and Burn effect.

  • Garments Color Correction
  • Pants Correction
  • T-shirt Correction
  • Hoodie Correction
  • Body Correction


Photo Color Correction is very efficient for product and Color Correction photography. Express Photo Lab can be your favorite companion in your growing online business. The benefits of Color Correction Photo Editing service are all about improving the attraction of your product.

  • No frustration for single or multiple hollow spaces
  • Adjust the image quality by resizing and cropping
  • Flat rate prices make your cost/earnings easy
  • We offer service every day all year 24/7/365
  • Delivery is always on time. No exceptions.
  • Vital for ranking in the e-commerce
  • Transfer the suitable file format


Color is a key issue that plays a vital role in conveying the ideas and message in photography and if you’d like to improve the quality of your online business, color correction service is what you need. A colorful product image is eye-catching and creates attention, meaning that anyone visiting your online site will be attracted to what you are offering and probably buy one or more.


Every photographer requires photo color correction services to balance the photos and make them attractive. Basically, color enhancement, color correction, and color adjustment are crucial to fully optimize photos to meet various media needs. With experience, photographers can use up-to-date image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop in color correction services to ensure images are edited professionally and fast. However, if you don’t have the experience, you can outsource the color correction service to always keep your customers happy. You can rely on color correction for different services such as:

  • Scene-to-scene matching
  • Grading your images
  • Resizing and sharpening
  • Facial enhancements
  • Successful image color combination
  • Fixing white balance
  • To fix excessive exposure challenges
  • When you intend to create visual coherence in tone and balance


The objective of taking photographs is to capture beautiful moments that can last for a lifetime. Every photo expresses its natural beauty with distinctive colors and if you fail to use the correct colors, the image may not reflect its awesomeness, and that’s where color correction comes in. Basically, color correction is the soul of photo editing. A well adjusted and warn color palette gives life to your image, while an unbalanced set of colors makes your image dull. Expressphotolab is here to help and correct any errors in your color levels, balance, and exposure and give life to your images.

  • Color Correction for Photographers: Photographers are invited to capture beautiful memories on special occasions. And because the raw photographs may not reflect the intended beauty, they require color correction and modify the image brightness, color balance, glow or shiny adjustment, and blur adjustment to make them attractive.
  • Wedding Photo Color Correction: A wedding is like a train that comes once in a lifetime. As a matter of fact, the wedding takes place for some hours but should create memories that will last for a lifetime, and photographs revive those memories. Wedding color correction is therefore very important to make the event more memorable and delightful.
  • Portrait Color Correction: Portraits are required in high profiles such as modeling and magazine covers, and thus must be in their best state. Color correction service is required to balance the skin color, background color, and foreground color to make the image presentable. At Expressphotolab, we do skin color adjustment, split tones, eye sharping and flaw expulsion to make a clip image that defines nothing but beauty.
  • Glamour Color Correction: Glamour photo retouch, also known as glamour color correction service is where we apply digital make up service to adjust screen issue, spots, hair and other different parts with Photoshop and another planning programming to improve the look of a model.
  • E-commerce: Online business products need to display products in different colors and thus require product photo editing service to create images that are not only eye-catching but also gorgeous.


We are committed to delivering excellent photo editing services to our clients. We are proud to have a strong management system that guarantees high-quality service delivery for your satisfaction. Every time is the right time for us to work for you and we will be available all year round to ensure our availability when you need us. We use the latest software to edit your photos and we have a team of the quality controller who checks your images three times to ensure they meet your expectations. We boast a down-to-earth client support team willing to reply to your needs and provide the wants accordingly.

If interested in color correction photography, we are the ideal choice for you. We use multi clipping path to isolate specific images from others as per your request, and then later alter them in Photoshop. Our experts have vast knowledge and whether you are looking for photo retouching, neck joint service, natural drop shadow, or e-commerce image editing services, we are can help you with that.


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