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Car/Vehicle image editing service marketing is growing day by day offline and online. Catching the attention of buyers is important. Lately, most people are shopping online almost everything including vehicles. The use of automobile image editing service has made it possible for buyers to view the car on sale and its different parts clearly. Online car/vehicle dealers have discovered the importance of high-quality images and their great visual value to buyers. The color, background and other little adjustments give the buyer an appealing image.

Car Image Enhancements

Car/vehicle enhancement service is popular to car dealers. They know the actual purpose how they want to show your images on their website. In a words our designer remove the Background of the vehicle & place it on the dealers template. This is not only our main jobs, We use some special tools to remove dust, unwanted elements, correct the color of the car images so that buyer can easily get the full idea of the Car Image & typically they will be interested to buy this.

Car/vehicles Background Replacement

This is the digital system to use your own template using this service. We just remove the background of the images & provide this as transparent background so that you can use your any template . This is the opportunity of only for car dealers. So please contact us & start sending us your images. We will show you what we can do for you.

Car/vehicles Shadow Making

Photographer generally take their photos in various places. To provide them a attractive looks on white background or in a transparent background we apply shadow creating service on it. In besides images you are looking the difference between the images & the attractions to the white images has come due to apply Shadow creating services.
It is not easy to apply a shadow on car images, We have to apply this in a way that it will show it is landing on the floor with 100% natural look.

Expressphotolab is the number one company for shadow creating services . We have a dedicated team only for shadow creating services. We are not telling you to believe us now, Simply send us two images as trial basis so that you can check the quality of our done images. We are always ready to serve you. We have no holidays & no Christmas.

Car Image Color Correction

If there is a little bit of dirt or grime on the sides of the doors, our editors can eliminate it from the photograph and make all the doors match the original color quality of the car. In fact, the colors will even be enhanced with more glossiness and shine to them.

As for the lighting, we can add brightness to certain spots of a photograph. For instance, if you take a photograph of a car while it is parked under a tree, there will be a lot of shadows and darkness in the car. You’ll want to brighten these shadowy areas up in the photograph so that they don’t look too dark. Our image editors can add this brightness and still make it look like natural lighting. Any inconsistencies in the colors of the vehicle will be corrected too.

Replace the insert label

Replacing the number plate insert for used cars occurs quite often, because it is extremely important that no road number plates are shown in the photos, because the buyer can see that the car/vehicle may still be driving. If street number plates are still present in your used car photos, we can gray them out in Photoshop or replace them with an insert with the logo of the car dealer. When buying online, the buyer has significantly more confidence if the logo is stored by the car dealer as a label for the insert.


Photo editor background is adding life to an image using a background of your choice. Our background replacement services standout in perfection and we give you exactly what you want, all you have is to send us a photo or a video of the car.


Car background is taking a car image and moving it a new background. We are professionals in this, if your car photos were taken in a crowded street, we will move them to a serene environment that will impress a shopper. We cut out all the unpleasant reflective details and add beautiful reflections such as the sky.


The rise of car identity theft has increased and therefore it is essential to hide personal information as much as possible. It is important to blur a license plate during car photography editing and we must change it for your safety.


Color and exposure correction on a car is done through car image editing. It is the process of identifying and removing the darkest or the lightest parts in a car photo. We have the tools to do color correction and auto contrast to give your car a continuous tone look without changing how it looks in reality.


There has a lot of reasons to choose our car image editing services. Mainly, we can help you to increase your revenue up to 3x. If you take our services, Guaranteed To Get You Higher Conversions, More Leads, and Sales (you’ve never seen this before). Try us, you will never disappoint!

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