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Handbag Photography Guidelines for E-commerce Product Photographers

Handbag comes in various designs, shapes, sizes, and colors. Hence, it allows you to shoot from different angles and showcase your creative knack. On top of that, it is tiny as well as underweight and can be moved easily from one position to another. Therefore, if you want to make your handbags stand out, you have to emphasize on handbag photography. If you can represent something enticing in your handbag photography, you can topple your competitors and drive sales. Let’s share some tips for handbag photography so that your investment pays off.

Professional exemption from bags

The range of products for bags is endless: small or large, in all colors, with or without pattern, for everyday use, for travel, for shopping, for the office. Everything is possible. And bags are now mostly bought online because the customer makes the largest selection there without even having to leave the house. Of course, the online buying experience is by no means the same as actually holding the product and being able to touch it. On the Internet, care must therefore be taken to present the product in such a way that the customer is still convinced.

Here at Expressphotolab we keep your bag images flawlessly free and also help with scaling and post-processing. You can then use your professionally cropped photo in any size.

Colors change for bags and cases

Details are incredibly important, especially for bags and suitcases. Rivets, rollers, locks, straps and zips are often the key, but buying one bag and not the other. Therefore, your customers have to be able to look very closely, and our experts make this possible. Regardless of whether something has to be exempted, you need the same product in several colors or you want a mirror effect in the metal details, in our personal advice you can discuss everything individually with our employees!

Color, light & shadow

Our experienced employees know exactly what is important for bag images. For example, we make sure that the photographed bag is presented in natural-looking light as true to color as possible. After all, your customers want to get exactly the color they see and not just something similar. In the post-processing of your pictures, we also take care of light and shadow to avoid a flat picture and to give your bags plasticity. Our experts here at Expressphotolab take great care to present your products as realistically as possible in order to provide your customers with a realistic picture. Reduce your complaint rate with professionally exempted images!


Shadows are impotent for e-commerce in creating realistic product images to boost sales. Here, our photo retouchers create shadows for pack-shot product images using Adobe Photoshop. It fixes the realistic look at online shopping places. Shadows add depth to product photos by implementing natural – drop or reflection shadows. Besides, shadow creates a dimensional angle & makes it realistic.


Image Cropping and Resizing is an essential part of web shop image processing. However, you need to remove the unwanted outer areas of a photo and resize it into an exact dimension. We ensure a specific dimension and crop them proportionately depending on your demand. That helps to remove unessential stuff from the image to develop its framing and adjust the aspect ratio.


Background Removing is very efficient for product and e-commerce photography. Express Photo Lab can be your favorite companion in your growing online business. The benefits of Background Removing service are all about improving the attraction of your product.

  • An appealing image can improve the sale by attracting more clients
  • All our Background Removing and Layer Masks have a 0,01% failure rate.
  • Be creative – we provide all kinds of services to your production
  • No need to fix the context during clicking the picture
  • Worry-free clicking without considering the posture
  • No frustration for single or multiple hollow spaces
  • Adjust the image quality by resizing and cropping
  • Flat rate prices make your cost/earnings easy
  • We offer service every day all year 24/7/365
  • Delivery is always on time. No exceptions.
  • Vital for ranking in the e-commerce
  • Transfer the suitable file format


Product Background Removing is a method of e-commerce photo editing, which includes adding new info or touches to photos for correction or improvement. Its intention is to make the photograph greater interest grabbing that the customers need to buy the product without wondering twice. To obtain perfection, the product pictures retouches use one-of-a-kind gear and take into consideration the importance of color, shape, and texture. The attractive images of merchandise are the end result of their work. The product retouching is utilized by photographers who work with food photography, advertising photography, fashion images and everything that is connected with buying.
The net purchasing is turning into greater famous each day. Presently, human beings buy the whole lot through the net from meals to clothing. There are numerous blessings of purchasing online. You aren’t restricted in time. The style of articles is overwhelming. The prices are lower and even there are numerous reductions. You always have an opportunity to examine the description of the article and select the important one


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